Cane-Jitsu – Ted Gamboredella

The Cane is probably the best all around martial arts weapon you can carry for several reasons.

1.         It is very powerful

2.         It is legal to carry anywhere

3.         It is easy to use

4.         It is hard to block

5.         It is effective against any other weapon, except the gun

6.         It can be used by young and old, men and women

7.         It does not require a lot of strength or speed or coordination

8.         It looks good


For these and other reasons I really really like the Cane. And so I wrote this book to teach the basic moves and techniques of Cane-Jitsu. The art of using a Cane for self defense. You will learn all your basic moves. Blocks, strikes, holds, chokes, counters and defenses. It is all you need to know to use a Cane for self defense in almost all situations.

 A Cane can be legally carried almost anywhere, especially if you limp. But it probably can not be carried Everywhere, so be sure to check your local law enforcement rules before you carry it to a ballpark, school, or church, etc. Also do not carry the Cane for self defense if you can't do some or all of the moves shown in this book. It is not a good idea to have a weapon on you that some punk can easily take away and use on you. If you are going to carry a Cane of self defense. Learn THESE TECHNIQUES and practice at home or at a school until you are proficient in their use.

 You do not have to be a Black Belt or even attend a Karate school to learn to do the techniques found in this book for the Cane. Just follow the photos and do the moves slowly and easily until you have a through understanding of what you are trying to do with each move. None of the moves require great strength or superior coordination, so anyone can do them. A word of caution "Do not hit you partner too hard". The Cane Hurts Because It Works.