Knife Throwing Tehniques of the Ninja

Knife Throwing Tehniques of the Ninja – Michael E. Peters



A knife is the first weapon given to a Ninja. He or she learns Tanto-jitsu, knife art. As well as becoming an expert in hand-to-hand combat, a Ninja learns to throw knives, as well as many other objects. But some knives are designed specifically for throwing. With such specialty knives, the Ninja knife throwing expert is particularly dangerous. Normally, a Ninja carries four such throwing knives as well as a combat knife which could be thrown if necessary.

Ninja throw knives, primarily, to achieve three goals:

To distract.

To wound.

To kill.

With practice and hard work, a Ninja can learn to accomplish all three of these goals, but the last purpose is difficult to achieve, and requires the utmost skill and dedication. This book was developed for practicing Ninja who wish to round out their training. Only western style throwing weapons are covered. For information on oriental throwing devices, a serious Ninja should obtain a copy of Throwing the Ninja Star of Death, the companion edition to this book, which was also written by Michael E. Peters and published by Butokukai.





Introduction       1

Prologue — Blades of the Ninja            3

Section One:

Obtaining and Maintaining Throwing Knives      9

Section Two:

Throwing Methods       13

Section Three:

Training Methods and Safety Concerns             29

Section Four:

Knife Throwing in Combat        39

Section Five:

Defense Against Thrown Knives           43

Afterword        45